• PET metalized film
PET metalized film

PET metalized film

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  • Product description: silver metalized pet film,gold metalized film,pet metalized film coated pe,metalized pet film coated pe,VMPET/PE.PE cover metalized pet film
Zhejiang Zhongjia Technology Co.,ltd.We can produce and supply pet holographic film,bopp holographic film,pv holographic film,bopp metalized film,pet metalized film,cpp metalized film,hot stamping foil,cold stamping foil,holographic paperboard,PET multi lens film,pp multi lens film,pvc multi lens film, Laminated film,Primer coated film,metalized film/PE film.
silver metalized pet film,gold metalized film,pet metalized film coated pe,metalized pet film coated pe,VMPET/PE.PE cover metalized pet film
PET metalized film
1). Thickness: 12mic-50mic 
2). Width: under 1300mm 
3). Paper core: 3" (76mm) or 6" (152mm) 
1. Application:
1). Thickness: 12mic-50mic
2). Width: under 1300mm
3). Paper core: 3" (76mm) or 6" (152mm)
4). Color: red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, golden, silver and so on
5). Surface: plain, lightbeam and pattern. Many designs available for selection, and customer's designs welcome
2. Feature:
1) Smooth and clear surface
2) Good printing quality and fireproof properties
3) Heat resistant, water proof, stable at high temperature or in boiled water
4) Environmentally friendly, no smell and non-toxic
3. PET Metalized Film
Using polyethylene as carrier, it can be used for very wide applications because of its excellent mechanical and chemical properties it is an ideal material to make flexible packages as the metalized layer creates a great barrier to oxygen, light, and moisture and as a result prolongs product shelf life substantially. Suit laminate with PE film,printing,laminate,making bag
On the other hand, it can be laminated to cardboard to make fabulous packages that create great shelf presence. It can also be cut into glitter powder or yarn, or used to make stationery and toys such as adhesive tapes, stickers, or used as varnishing film.
We can produce 7 micron,8 micron,10 micron pet metalized film. metalized film coated with polietylene film POLIETYLENE.Metallized PET + PE),in rolls.heat-sealing layer (PE) inside. metalized pet film coated pe film,metalized pet and ldpe are bondes by extrusionequipment.widly used for lamination with Epe,paper,aluminium foil,woven fabric,non-woven fabric,etc.
Laserzj Metalized Film is a substrate of Polymer Film coated or laminated with a layer of Metal - usually Aluminum, but also Copper, Silver, Gold etc.
When a very thin layer of Metal is deposited over the surface of a Plastic Film by first converting the Metal into a Vapour and then depositing it over a fast moving Web of Plastic Film or Paper Substrate, the resultant product is known as Vacuum Metalized Film or Vacuum Metalized Paper. Generally speaking, Metalized Film usually means Aluminum Metalized Films - because it covers almost the entire spectrum of numerous and high tech applications for Vacuum Metalized Films - however other metals like Copper, Silver, Zinc are used for Metalizing for specific applications.
The Metalized Film is made by the process in which aluminum is heated in vacuum to be evaporated into atom and molecules and these molecules are sprayed and solidified on the cooled film surface moving at high speed to form multi crystallized thin layer. 
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