• Holographic paperboard
Holographic paperboard

Holographic paperboard

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  • Product description: High quality laminate holographic paperboard,transfer holographic paperboard,laser paperboard.Product Properties:1.Environmental Friendlines
Zhejiang Zhongjia Technology Co.,ltd.We can produce and supply pet holographic film,bopp holographic film,pv holographic film,bopp metalized film,pet metalized film,cpp metalized film,hot stamping foil,cold stamping foil,holographic paperboard,PET multi lens film,pp multi lens film,pvc multi lens film, Laminated film,Primer coated film,metalized film/PE film.
Product Properties:1.Environmental FriendlinessServes as an ideal alternative for traditional Foil Paper and PET Laminated Paper;Without foil and vinyl glued on surface, our Transfer Metallized Paperboard are both recyclable and biodegradable; At the
Holographic paperboard(Laser paperboard)

1). Weight: 175-375g 
2). Fit for all kinds of printing 

1. Application:
1). Weight: 175-375g
2). Fit for all kinds of printing
3). Excellent folding endurance.
4). Color/Pattern: silver/gold, Rainbow, various laser pattern etc, customized
5). Packaging: by roll or by sheet, customized
6). Strong metallic looking, highly glossy and smooth surface
2. Features:
1) Surface material: PET laser transfer film or metalized film
2) Bottom material: light weight coated paper, art coated paper, white/grey duplex board, ivory board, etc
3) Suitable for various types of printing processes, such as silk-screen printing, offset printing, UV printing and embossed
3. Usage:
1)Wine & cigarette, chocolate & coffee etc out package
2)Gift wrapping paper
3)make greeting cards, calendars, catalogues, reports, etc
4)paper bag, paper box




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