• PVC holographic film
PVC holographic film

PVC holographic film

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  • Product description: PVC holographic film,PVC laser film,hologram pvc film,k laser pvc hologram film,PVC holographic film for make sticker label.seamless pvc holographic film 50 micron.1090mm width rainbow holographic pvc
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3d Holographic Pvc Rainbow Film 
1. 50micron,560-1300mm 
2. Colorful rigid pvc film 
3. Pvc film for packaging, wrapping 
3d Holographic Pvc Rainbow Film 
1). Thickness: 38, 50um
2). Width: 560~1300mm
3). Length: 3000~6000 m/r
4). Temper: Rigid, gloss
5). Color: Red, yellow, green, purple, royal blue, sky blue, pink, silver, gold etc
1) High gloss, smooth and clear surface
2) Different colors and patterns
3) Strong fastening performance, no bubble, wrinkles or desquamates
4) Heat resistant, stable at high temperature or in boiled water
5).Superior bonding strength and can process UV, coating, stamping
1. Gift wrapping /Decorative
2. Lamination with board & paper
3. Printing or heat sealing
4. Be extrusion coated with special adhesives
5. High grade packaging and wrapping (cigarette, wine, medicine, flower etc.
Our company is a manufacturer and exporter of BOPP/PET/PVC holographic film, metalized film and paperboard. And have rich experience of design with series quality grade.




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